Kyri is a quiet observer of humanity. She has not yet made up her mind about them but being kidnapped by the Iron Ring has not helped her understanding of mankind. Before seeking out adventure amongst the humans, Kyri lived in Alfheim and chafed under the authority of the High King and Clanmasters (most humans think there is no law in the Elven Realm but Kyri would definitely disagree). She was part of the Feadiel clan (but even more strong willed than her over achiever kin) and lived in the forest just north of Selenica. She debated going to Norwold since her ancestors had traveled near there during the migration from the Sylvan Realm. However she decided to first see Thyatis and Alphatia, rumored to be the largest empires in Mystara. She travelled south to the Darokin city of Selenica then across the mountains to Karameikos. Her plans of seeing Thyatis and Alphatia were cut short by the Iron Ring.


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