Arturo Dugalle


Arturo is the rare blond Thyatian, undoubtedly a descendant of the people of the Northern Reaches. His face is almost always plastered with a mischievous smile and twinkling eye which is either charming or obnoxious depending on who you are.


The self-proclaimed Daredevil of Dumont (no one is sure exactly where that town is), Arturo is a Bard. While not known for much in the way of singing, his lute talents can be admirable. However, his true passion lies in the street, leaping horse carts and cartwheeling through dangerous passes. Some have seen him juggle knives and torches, proclaiming him mad. Perhaps he is! But those that would harm him quickly learn that beneath his madness lies a calm beheld by few, and a quickness with the blade that rivals a swordmaster.

Arturo Dugalle

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