Akair is from Thyatis and it shows: medium height, wiry, an aquiline nose, clean shaven brown hair and capable of a withering look of disapproval. His physical prowess and intelligence have made him a favorite of his order’s leadership but not so for his fellow novices.

In the tradition of his order, Akair has a bowl like haircut with the crown of his head bald. He makes an effort to appear as nondescript as possible and wears simple brown cloth robes.


A monk of the Order of the Mountain Sun, Akair was on his first journey outside of Thyatis. He and another brother of the order were tasked by Master Esterius to make a delivery to a brother monastery in Specularum. Esterius has also told Akair, as he tells all of the brothers, the true servant of the Gods must be aware of both the word of the Gods and the make of their people. All brothers, whether they seek the path of the mind or the path of the body, must venture out beyond the protected fields and see the world for themselves. During this journey, he was kidnapped from the docks of Specularum.


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