Syndylus is a pure Alphatian and therefore is tall and lean with delicate bones and facial features, coppery skin, golden brown hair and amber eyes. He keeps his long hair tied back in a pony tail. He prefers to dress in multiple layers of robes, calling them quite comfortable and suitable for any occasion.


Syndylys hails from an Alphatian colony on the Isle of Dawn. He and his master, Eridalun, were on a sea voyage to Ochalea, in search of rare spell components when they were attacked by pirates. His master cautioned him against fighting the pirates but instead told him to observe and look for the right time. Unfortunately,once the ship was captured, Syndylys and Eridalun were separated. He does not know what happened to Eridalun but he has been shuffled from ship to ship, sailing in so many directions he has little clue where he is. All of his captors have spoken Thyatian so he assumes he is near that Empire. Knowing that he lacked his spell book and heeding Eridalun’s advice, he did not try to cast a spell to escape, holding them in his mind until the time was right.


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