Orin Hornblower Took



A dashing young Hin in well kept clothes (over a chainmail shirt), Orin is at first a very charismatic and lighthearted presence. Quick with a joke (though sometimes a sarcastic one), he is also wise beyond his years, particularly where it concerns trade, herbs or tobacco. After the events on the Isle of Lost Souls, Orin is more serious and reflective. He also exhibiting some strange new abilities . . .


Orin is the nephew of Aelon Took, a prosperous tobacconist from the Hin city of Thantabbar. Orin has worked in his uncle’s shop for several years and is very knowledgeable of the family business. Several weeks ago, he decided that what the dreary village of Nob’s Boots needed was a good tobacco shop. He had never been to Nob’s Boots but had heard it was a very dreary place. He packed some of his uncle’s best products, purchased a slightly used wagon and set out on Coastfollow Road. The town was in much worse condition than he expected but he found a building to restore as a shop and prepared to open. Unfortunately, one rainy night, he was visited by a human female and a Hin male. They were dressed in black and wanted to know why he had come to the village. They seemed not to believe that he was there to set up shop. Their discussion turned into an argument which turned into a fight. Suddenly, there were more of them and Orin was knocked out. He awoke on a wagon, bound and gagged: the property of the Iron Ring.

Orin Hornblower Took

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