Long red hair and intense eyes are what everyone notices first about Jael. she is tall and muscular (but those muscles are often hidden under her adventuring clothing leading to a surprise for any who would challenge her physically). When not performing or fighting (which may be the same thing), she is quiet and reflective, preferring the sound of silence externally and allowing her internal music to play loudly.


Another Darokinian, Jael grew up in the little village of Mar, on the border of the Five Shires. That little town is not known for being particularly welcoming or patient (neither is Jael) but it is known for talented artists and musicians (which also describes her). As a bardic student, she traveled to the land of the Hin frequently and grew fond of the halflings; their music, their attitudes and their ale. Although she likes a crowd when she is playing her fiddle or singing, she likes the peace of being alone. That was why she left her apprenticeship and headed for the broader world. Unfortunately, no one was there to help her against the Iron Ring.


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