Greyshade Greyhelm



Though not old in Dwarvish years, Greyshade is slightly older than the usual adventurer. His beard and his hair are prematurely gray. His steely gray eyes, along with the hair, match his normally gray clothing. Even his armor is burnished dark gray.


Roaming Mystara in search of treasure and adventure is Greyshade. Both his eyes and his hair match his name. He is a Dwarf from Rockhome (the small stronghold of ShieldForge) but no one knows exactly why he left. He seems slightly older than the usual starting adventurer but perhaps that explains why he seems amused by Humans and fond enough of Elves. Mostly he is fond of ale, gold and swords. He found the group after watching them fight a giant construct of stitched flesh and figured if they could find a way around it, he would work with them. His gray dappled pony Spectre has been his longest running companion, taking him from the mountains of Rockhome to the forests of Karameikos.

Greyshade Greyhelm

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