Though Chronos is a Thyatian (and looks the part: medium height, lean, brown hair and clean shaven), he normally wears the clothes and accouterments of a typical Traladaran. He is young and earnest and becomes animated when the discussion turns to smiting evildoers or the benefits of the Church of Karameikos.


Chronos is of Thyatian descent but born a Karameikan. He joined the Church of Karameikos and seeks out evil wherever it hides. A promising acolyte raised in the Estate of Marilenev (a hot bed of anti-Thyatian activity), he was sent to the town of Vorloi to administer to the few faithful there (and perhaps convert some of the native Traladarans with his fervor. Unfortunately, his ministry brought the wrong attention and his freedom was claimed by the Iron Ring.


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