Chae De Trey



A classical Thyatian with brown hair but blue eyes, Chae is a talkative man often dressed in black. He smiles easily and is quite charismatic. He is also very observant due to his background as the son of two Scouts in the Darokinian Army.


Born in the far western town of Akesoli on the shores of Lake Amsorak in Darokin, Chae grew up the only son of two Darokin scouts. Under his parents’ watchful eye, he himself learned some of the scout’s craft (speaking Orc, making snares, hiding in shadows and moving silently were some of his favorites). However, a little problem with House Umbarth led him to seek his fortunes elsewhere. He went to the far side of the Republic, Selenica, but his skills led to trouble again. He decided to move to Specularum but on his first night in that city he ran afoul of the Iron Ring and awoke on a slave ship.

Chae De Trey

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