Dark hair flows over Ariston’s broad shoulders. His eyes reveal nothing about him but miss nothing around him.


Ariston is the quintessential Thyatian Forestor: strong, quiet with a keen eye and steady hand. As a teenager and young adult, he studied with the legendary Thalos Corin of Kerendas and was lulled to sleep by the songs of Thander Losobol, friend and bard of Corin. In those days, he lived in the lands of County Vyalia and honed his archery skills fighting the Orcs of western Thyatis. However, Ariston yearned to experience the glories Thalos and Thander described of their time as wanderers.

Thalos sent Ariston to Karameikos to study with the Callarii Elves. He hoped that the voyage would give him a taste of adventure without too much danger for the sometimes rash young Forestor. Unfortunately, Ariston was ambushed on the road and captured by the Iron Ring.


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