Fate is a curious thing.

The intelligent beings of all worlds believe themselves free to determine their own future. But deep down, deeper than most are comfortable looking, there is a doubt.

Those who truly examine themselves and the world around them know that there is a connection between them and both the visible world and that world that lies just out of view. They know that there are some things which are not subject to the desires and whims of the mortal. And they know that there are unexplained by the science and knowledge of worldly beings.

At some level, events are pre-determined, guaranteed, unavoidable. As such, all mortals must succumb to the future that has been given them. Some lives will be inconsequential; some will be important. Some beings will be heroes and others will be villains. Then there are those who are destined to become Immortals, expanding their lives, thoughts and very selves beyond what is imaginable by mere mortals. Their story shakes and shapes the very multiverse itself.

This is the story of such beings.

“Three Rings of Evil: A Tale of Mystara” is a story of a Classic D&D (RC) campaign set in the Known World Setting created by TSR (WOTC). The great majority of games were played at the Sprint corporate campus in Overland Park KS from 2005 – 2009. While this campaign is on indefinite hiatus due to the DM’s move out of state, a core of players still meets regularly and plays in a Pathfinder game in Missouri. The most complete adventure summary with write-ups through October 2007 can be found at Recaps_and_Summaries_through_071024.pdf.

Three Rings of Evil: A Tale of Mystara